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Top feeding brands you must know RIGHT NOW!

Remember how we gave you some ideas on how to make mealtimes simpler? You can read about them here.  

Now that you know how to keep the baby well-fed, we thought we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the best brands that Babyshop has to offer, to make breastfeeding easier, or to aid in feeding a newbornbaby, or toddler


New moms look after the latest member of the family while functioning with almost zero sleep, surviving either excessive or barely any social contact with the rest of the world, and learn to smile through the all-day chaos. Breastfeeding may not be easy, but we would love for it to be less stressful for the mother. 

Nursing pillow: A game-changing essential 

Something as basic as a nursing pillow can be quite the gamechanger. CambrassJuniors, and Giggles, make soft and cosy ones, in solid colours and cute prints. The self-inflating pillow by Feeding Friend comes with a travel-friendly compact bag! 

Nursing covers & wraps: Just the right amount of coverage 

Nursing covers & wraps are a must-have if you want to feed the baby discreetly in a public place. Brands like GigglesThe First YearsCambrass, make machine-washable ones that give you complete privacy while allowing you to maintain eye contact with the baby. 

Breast pads, nipple creams & shields: Protection & care 

Forget stains and leakage when breast pads are here! Philips AventTommee TippeeJohnson’s, make ultra-thin highly-absorbent pads with a soft finish for maximum comfort. And if breastfeeding is making your nipples sensitive or sore, try the paraben and alkaline-free cream by Mustela that soothes and protects. 

Canpol Babies and Suavinex have thin skin-friendly silicone nipple shields, which as the name suggests, shield the nipples from pain, but can also be used in case of flat/retracted nipples. These brands ensure that they are tasteless, and provide the best body contact between mother and child. How do you clean them? Just sterilize in boiling water or in a sterilizer.  

Breast pumps: The holy grail 

If, as a mother, you are not able to breastfeed directly or don’t want to, a breast pump will become your most prized possession. Philips AventMedelaTommee Tippee, and a host of other popular brands make easy-to-use ergonomically-shaped single or double breast pumps, with manual and electric options. 


Breast Pump


Both have their own advantages, so it’s up to you to decide what works better in your case. A manual breast pump is smaller and lighter than its electric counterpart, and since it doesn’t need electricity or batteries, you can express milk anywhere, without hunting for a power source. It has fewer parts, so it is also easier to clean. Plus, if budget is a constraint, it is the cheaper of the two. 

The electric one costs more, but also expresses faster, so you’re spending more time with the baby and less time pumping. A lot of mothers who have used both kinds of pumps say that the electric one is easier to use than the manual, and is less tiring too. 

The point to remember is that irrespective of which pump you use, you should be relaxed during the process. Stressing yourself isn’t going to increase the flow. Use this time to read a book, catch up on your favourite TV show, or play with the baby.  

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Breastfeeding is a mother’s decision. How she does it or doesn’t, or for how long, is her prerogative. And if she is unable to breastfeed, her near and dear ones ought to support her in every way possible.  


Nothing but the best will do for your little bundle of joy and tears. We get that. And so, we’ve handpicked some of the most essential products by world-renowned brands.  

Drinking from the bottle? Why not! 

If you are bottle-feeding your new arrival, the quality of the bottle is of utmost importance. Brands like Tommee TippeePhilips AventDr. Brown’s, and Pigeon, have put in enough research to ensure that their bottles are nothing but the best.  

Borosilicate glass bottles are considered healthier (and better for the environment), but they are definitely heavier than polypropylene (the material used to make a plastic bottle) ones. Newborns obviously can’t hold the bottle themselves. It is up to you to do the feeding, and if the glass bottle is proving to be cumbersome, save it for when the baby is older. 

Glass Bottle


The aforementioned top brands have worked hard to get rid of the stigma associated with plastic bottles. Their latest offerings have naturally-shaped teats that are extremely similar to a real breast, and help the baby in latching on and feeding without any nipple confusion. The bottles are designed with a good grip for easy handling, most are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.  

We highly recommend that you watch out for anti-colic vents. This vent will keep air away from the baby’s tummy (one of the reasons for colic) and reduce discomfort.  

Bottle sterilizer: Tough love 

But just having the best bottle is not enough, if you’re not going to take good care of it. Philips AventJuniorsDr. Brown’sThe First Years, all make excellent bottle sterilizers. How is it better than boiling bottles in water?  

Insert infographic 


That’s enough reasons, wouldn’t you agree?  

Note: You have to clean the bottle before popping it into the sterilizer. 

Bottle & food warmers: Drop it like it’s hot 

 While you’re at it, consider getting a bottle and food warmer as well. Tommee TippeeDr. Brown’sJuniors, have some really cool ones that are small enough to take along on your vacay. You don’t have to worry about how to heat the baby’s milk when you’re at a hotel. Just plug in this easy-to-operate machine and you’re done!  


And it’s not just about convenience or time-saving, but also about the munchkin’s health, which is why the heating process has been designed to keep the nutrients in the milk/food intact. You can use it for years, first to heat milk and then to warm food, once the baby has grown up a bit. This is an investment you shouldn’t shy away from.  
Don't forget to pick up some soft and cute bibs & burp cloths by GigglesCambrass, and Aden+Anais. They are going to be covered in spit-up, but it still wouldn’t hurt to have some adorable ones, right? 



If you thought feeding a newborn was tough, you’ve got another thing coming by the time they’re 6 months old, because now is when they start consuming semi-solids. What starts off good (hopefully), thanks to curiosity, quickly turns into a mini war at every meal. A high chair will help you win 25% of the battle! The rest is sheer luck. 

High chair, high hopes! 

Brands like Giggles and Joie provide lots of options in terms of looks and features. These are the ones you can’t do without: lightweight but sturdy, easy to clean, adjustable height, foldable (so it can be put away when not in use), safety harness with soft seatbelt, footrest, removable/washable food tray. These are great to have but not absolutely essential: wheels with brakes, storage basket, cushioned seat and backrest, cutlery compartment and cup holder. 

Be sure to start seating them in a highchair as soon as they start sitting and pick one that can be used till they’re at least 3-4 years old, though a lot of kids continue to use high chairs even when they’re 5-6.  

Toy with them 

A lot of parents will testify to the fact that keeping the baby engaged while eating, helps them feed better. Bright StartsJuniorsV-Tech, have rattles and musical toys that are a treat for the eyes and ears; the baby will be busy playing and you will be able to accomplish your mission. The smaller ones can fit in the diaper bag too. 


Toys - Baby & Mom

Baby food processor: Making life easy 

Another absolute essential is a baby food processor. Unlike a regular one, this processor is super lightweight and travel-friendly. Tommee Tippee and Juniors make easy-to-use compact ones that can blend and steam whatever you want, while maintaining the food’s nutritive value.  

Fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, can easily be processed within minutes; depending on the age of the baby you can choose to completely purée or make it a chunky meal. Time-saving, great quality, good for health. What else could you ask for! 

Tableware and cutlery: Feast like a royal 

This is also the time to get some eye-catching tablewarePhilips AventJuniorsThe First YearsTommee Tippee, and a host of other brands make BPA-free bowls & platescutlery, in bright and fun prints. Now this could go either way: babies may absolutely love their “special” plate (yaaay!) or they may hate it because they think that YOUR plate has more interesting food! 

Be sure to also have a couple of snack boxes and sippy cups handy. Snack In The BoxMarcus & MarcusDisney, have some sturdy and lightweight options. 


The highchair that you bought for the baby should hopefully still be in use. But take it from us, highchair or not, your toddler is probably going to be a fussy eater (count your blessings if yours eats well).  

Engagement is key 

Just the way you kept the baby engaged with musical toys, try educational toys, like doodle boardspuzzlesabacus, number/alphabet kits, and so on. Juniors & Hasbro make learning fun, while your ulterior motive of a full tummy gets fulfilled.  

What toddler doesn’t love stories! Read them something interesting from a Disney book. Or give them a colouring book/pad by GooglyTeletubbies, and let them get creative with colours of their choice. Pencils or sketch pens by Crayola or Ooly would be a more practical choice than water colours.  

Looks like you know your brands and will be able to make an informed decision. Write to us or give us a call if you need any more suggestions. We're always here for you.