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The A-Z of feeding: From breastfeeding to mealtimes with toddlers

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not wrong, just incomplete. Babyshop thinks that the way to your child’s heart is also through its stomach.


Don’t you agree? When the baby’s tummy is full, it is happy & energetic, and a hungry baby is nothing short of a monster! We’re kidding about the monster bit, but you have to agree that babies get cranky & restless, without even realising that it’s because they’re hungry.


Aside from keeping them safe, keeping them well-fed is a parent’s primary responsibility and sometimes a huge challenge as well. Let’s look at how we can make mealtimes wholesome & simple, whether you’re breastfeeding, feeding a newborn, baby, or toddler.


Something only a mother can do: Breastfeeding


A mother’s bond with the baby is something nobody can understand. And many mothers believe that breastfeeding only strengthens that inexplicable bond further.


Mothers have noticed that while they are breastfeeding, babies don’t like it if they speak to other people, watch TV, or generally pay less attention to them. This is the time to bond with the baby, so make the most of it and talk or sing to the little one, or you could just enjoy each other’s company in silence.


Babyshop Feeding


Breastfeeding takes a toll on the mother. And while moms are ready to lay down their lives for their kids, Babyshop’s here to assist these superheroes. A healthy diet and proper rest are as important as a good nursing pillow, because it brings the baby to the right height for feeding, and provides adequate support to your back and neck.


Also consider getting a wrap, so you can feed the baby discreetly in public, because we live in a world where a baby visibly suckling on a mother’s teat is considered inappropriate.


Breast pads (disposable/washable) are an absolute necessity to protect your clothes from all the leaking milk, and a good nipple cream will soothe any soreness that might arise out of regular feeding.


Another way to beat sore or cracked nipples is to use nipple shields. This amazing product is a boon for women with flat/inverted nipples, for they aid the baby in latching correctly; it even helps preemies to suck without getting tired too soon.


We recommend that you indulge in a high-quality manual/electric breast pump (along with milk storage bags and the best feeding bottles). Who needs it?


  • A working mother
  • A mother who is away from the baby for a longer duration, and knows that if she doesn’t pump, she will stop lactating
  • A mother whose baby is a biter
  • A mother who is trying to wean off her baby
  • A mother who is about to take a trip with her baby, and finds it easier to feed with a bottle than breastfeed in public


Breast Pump


Frankly, it’s an endless list. But you have to remember that if you choose to pump instead of breastfeed, nobody gets to question you. The same way that nobody gets to shame a woman if she is unable to breastfeed her baby. It doesn’t make her any less of a mother; she has our love and support, and we urge her family and friends to be there for her during this emotional turmoil.


Breastfeeding can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Ask experienced mothers for help, or check with a lactation expert if you need further advice.


WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and then continuing for up to 2 years and beyond. But there are moms who either can’t or don’t want to stick to this plan. It is imperative that we respect their decision, without judging them.


They’ve just arrived: Newborns


If your delicate newborn is drinking straight out of a bottle (breastmilk or formula, doesn’t matter), ensure that the bottle is of the best quality. A glass bottle is heavier but eco-friendly, however you can opt for a good plastic one too. Look out for dishwash safe anti-colic and BPA-free ergonomically shaped ones, with almost-natural soft teats. Remember that wider bottles with fewer parts are easier to clean.


Just like in the case of breastfeeding, you will need to ensure that the baby has your 100% attention. Plus, since babies get distracted easily, make sure your surroundings don’t have bright colours or loud sounds, or they may ignore that bottle. Again, humming your favourite tune (hum, don’t rap like Ross) or talking to the baby, will make the feeding process delightful and easy for parent and child.



Baby Feeding -


Why sterilize bottles by boiling them or heat milk on the stove (invariably, the milk will be too hot and you will have to wait for it to cool down), when you can save time and energy by investing in good bottle sterilizers and warmers! You’re not only going to save time, but can rest assured that you’ll be getting rid of germs and heating up the milk to the exact desired temperature.


Also, while drool will become your everyday accessory, bibs & burp cloths can help to some extent.


Tiny pockets of energy: Babies


Once babies are 6 months old, parents step into a whole new world of feeding frenzy. If they’ve started sitting up, get a sturdy high chair and make sure that all meals are had in it. The sooner you start doing this, the faster they will adapt to it. And trust us, mealtimes will become easier.


Cushioned seat, safety harness, foldable, removable and adjustable tray, are some of the features that you ought to watch out for, and look for those that can be used till they’re about 3-4 years old.


Dealing with fussy eaters? Keep them engrossed with sound-producing toys, so while the eyes and brains are busy, you can feed them. Tada! Rattles or musical toys will come in handy. Smaller toys are a more prudent purchase, since they’re travel-friendly.


Don't forget to bring home high-quality baby food processors, and essential tableware like bowls, spoons, forks, along with snack boxes and sippy cups for when you’re on the go. 




Omg, when did they get so big: Toddlers


Pediatricians advise parents to encourage kids to eat independently, the ensuing mess notwithstanding. The best way to do this, is as a family: The parents and toddler sit at the same table (toddler is in the high chair) and have the same food. If the child is unwilling to use the baby tableware, swap it with your regular crockery. Use this time to talk to each other and hopefully share some laughs.


Easier said than done though. Not all kids will willingly fall into this routine. You will need to feed them or risk them going hungry. Instead of propping them in front of the TV, you could keep them engaged with educational toys or read them their favourite story. Or let them colour/paint while you fill their little bellies. Take care to not give them anything messy, like water colours or slime.

We understand how parents feel when their kids aren’t eating as much as they ought to. We hope that our suggestions will help your precious ones eat better and give you some peace of mind.