Baby Talk

The A-Z of feeding: From breastfeeding to mealtimes with toddlers

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not wrong, just incomplete. Babyshop thinks that the way to your child’s heart is also through its stomach.


Don’t you agree? When the baby’s tummy is full, it is happy & energetic, and a hungry baby is nothing short of a monster! We’re kidding about the monster bit, but you have to agree that babies get cranky & restless, without even realising that it’s because they’re hungry.


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Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Message Of Love 

This Mother’s Day, we want you to know how truly amazing you are and share with you a message of love from our own community. You’re more than a mom…you’re an inspiration! 

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Why does Babyshop rank high on the trust scale?

You might know that the mobile phone was invented in 1973. But did you know what other monumental event took place in the same year? Babyshop was launched in Bahrain! We sure have come a long way from there, what with our expansion into several countries, hundreds of stores and brands, plus our foray into e-commerce.

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Earth to you

Concepts like global warming and climate change are not meant for highbrow discussions anymore. They are as real as the plastic bottles we toss into the ocean or the disappearing animal species we read about every other day.

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