The A-Z of feeding: From breastfeeding to mealtimes with toddlers

Baby Feeding

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not wrong, just incomplete. Babyshop thinks that the way to your child’s heart is also through its stomach.


Don’t you agree? When the baby’s tummy is full, it is happy & energetic, and a hungry baby is nothing short of a monster! We’re kidding about the monster bit, but you have to agree that babies get cranky & restless, without even realising that it’s because they’re hungry.


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Making shopping breezy & fun: Hi, My Baby Expert!

Baby in baby carrier

The way we shop has changed so much over the years. There was a time when we used to long for options; ironically now when we have innumerable, we wish we had fewer. Especially when shopping for kids, the wider the range, the higher our anxiety levels.

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The best things in life are free best things in life are free...and priceless

Needless to say though, when you’re looking for ‘Best for Baby’, a small investment is often inevitable!  In all cases, Babyshop is your best bet, offering unbeatable value for money, in addition to only the finest products, which have all passed a stringent 4-stage quality test to make it onto the shelf.

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The First Steps of Motherhood - My Baby Expert is here to guide you at every step!

Babyshop - Baby Expert

As all Mums around the world can testify, the incredible joys of motherhood can often be sprinkled with feelings of anxiety, bewilderment, and the sense of being totally overwhelmed.  For first time mums-to-be, the seemingly endless list of items needed to fill the nursery, which bra to buy for breast-feeding, and how to choose the best car seat or

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Stay safe in your home! Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Child Proofing Your Home

Baby Monitor

The Importance of Child Safety at Home

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I am Worried my Baby Won’t Eat Solid Food

baby eating solid food

Doctors and nutrition experts recommend introducing solid food at six months although some parents are tempted to start weaning earlier.

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Signs My Baby is Teething

baby teething symptoms

Is my baby teething? When do babies teeth and what are baby teething symptoms and signs of teething

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5 important things to consider while breastfeeding

Mother breastfeeding her baby

It takes time, patience and practice to get truly comfortable with nursing. Here are a few tips to help.

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5 Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

Woman looking at fruits

One of the best parts of being pregnant is the ability to eat almost anything you want. The key word is almost. Here are some foods pregnant women should avoid to make sure their baby is happy and healthy.

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4 things to know while weaning your baby

Weaning foods for baby

Your baby is ready to explore new tastes – but do you know when, what and how to go about weaning?

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