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How to choose the perfect stroller

When it’s time to take your little one out and about, nothing is as important as the perfect stroller. However, as parents, we know that nothing is perfect and how difficult it can be finding just the right fit for your kids. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve done the research for you and have put together a guide to the types of strollers available.


Mother playing with her child in a stroller


1. Roll the traditional way

These are your proven winners. With a wide variety of colours and designs, you can find exactly the right look for a boy or a girl. They can also be found across various price points ensuring a selection fit for any budget. We’ve got all the brands you’d want including Juniors, Giggles, Graco, Joie and Quinny.


2. Enjoy a light stroller

Light strollers, or umbrella strollers as they’re also known (because they fold up like an umbrella), are ideal options for those looking to be more mobile and to travel without losing too much space. These strollers are compact making them ideal for navigating packed crowds in places such as malls or amusement parks. One warning we’d offer with lightweight strollers is they’re absolutely perfect for indoor and paved surfaces but aren’t great to take out into the great outdoors. If lightweight is the way you want to go, we’d recommend this Juniors baby stroller.


3. Travel comfortably

A travel system is essential to having your little one covered as they grow. They are larger, heavier and more expensive than your standard stroller but they come with a matching infant car seat attached. This is the best option if you want a do-it-all solution that can also be used in cars without needing an adaptor. We find the Graco Evo Travel System to be the perfect choice for parents.


4. Walk the twins

If your one bundle of joy turns out to be two, we’ve got you covered. Double strollers eliminate the hassle of having to buy a second seat for your single stroller. They ensure both babies get an equally comfortable ride and that the stroller is always balanced. Plus, it saves space for you! Our double strollers of choice is the Chicco Eco Twin.


5. Go for a jog

Just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean that being active is out of the question. If you want to keep your fitness goals alive even while raising your little one, these strollers are specifically made for jogging. They’re designed to be bigger and stronger than average to ensure your baby’s safety so be aware that they’ll take up more space than your other strollers. We have a vast range of strollers that’ll get you running in no time.


Which one is the best for you?

Now that you have the options, the time comes to pick the right choice amongst them. Here are the three key takeaways you need to think about when choosing your exact stroller.



Keeping your little one healthy and injury-free should be the number one priority of any stroller purchase. Take the time to research which strollers have the highest safety ratings and which ones are made for the terrains you plan on spending the most time in. When in doubt, you can opt for a travel system which ensures you’re covered no matter where you go. We’re big fans of the Joie Travel System.


Ease of use:

This comes down to where and how you plan on using the stroller. Here the key points to consider are the size and weight, whether it is compatible with your car, what kind of locations you plan on using it in and how easy it is to take along with you on your travels.



As an added bonus, we recommend a stroller with an umbrella. The sun can be your best friend but too much of it isn’t great for a child. A stroller with an umbrella built protects the baby from sunlight and keeps the child happy all year round. We recommend this beauty from Quinny that comes with a built in canopy.



Different kids need different strollers. The solution is knowing what kind of stroller is ideal for your child. Newborns, for example, need a stroller they can lay in as they can’t sit yet. A bigger child needs a heavier stroller, one that can support their size and take some of the weight off you when pushing it.