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Indoor play-time? Here’s how you can keep your kid entertained

The weather in this region being what it is, our kids end up spending a lot of time indoors. How do we pry them away from those pesky tablets and gaming consoles and allow them to use their time creatively and in a way that develops their physical and mental health?


Baby boy playing with his lego


Here are a few activity suggestions and toy recommendations that’ll help your kids make the most of their time playing indoors. 


1. Get toys that promote creativity

Children love to express themselves through music, dance and art, so give them plenty of opportunity to do so. Over and above enrolling them in structured classes, allow them to explore and get creative without any pressure to excel. Sing and paint with them. With really young children, allow them to visualize their art just as they like – and if this means pink trees and orange rivers, so be it. You could get them a toy keyboard, craft sets or colouring materials and get them started on their creative journey. For kids with specialized interests, you could specialists sets such as jewellery making sets.


2. Let them learn through play

A lot of kids are resistant to routine, structured learning. While some children respond well to the discipline of traditional teaching methods, a lot of kids pick up knowledge and skills better if they’re allowed to learn as they go through life. There are a whole lot of educational toys you can pick up for your kids - colourful, fun puzzles that increase in complexity in proportion to age; abacuses and other toys that simplify numbers; blocks that help them improve their motor, cognitive and social skills; and much more. If you have an older child, get them a science set – we love this simple but absorbing (pun intended!) chemistry set or this neat optical illusions set. And of course, the most popular indoor activity is board games – which is what we’ll talk about next. 


3. Get competitive with board games

Board games are not just fun, they’re instructive too. Early on, they teach your child lessons about winning and losing, sportsmanship and integrity. Board games make children think, strategise and execute plans. As a shared family activity, it is second to none. Children benefit from having their parents’ undivided attention at this time, and they give parents the opportunity to talk about serious matters in a simple, lighthearted way. For instance, a session of Monopoly can turn into a lesson on managing finances!


The catch? Board games take time and you have to set aside a couple of hours or more for a session. But hey, that’s what weekends are for.


4. Take physical activity indoors

There are tons of action-packed games your kids can play indoors – such as skipping rope or hula hoops. Or you can get really serious about this and designate a game area, with foosball, a basketball board tacked to the wall, or bowling pins. Just make sure that the area is free of breakables or hanging lights – and move furniture or anything sharp your kid can bump into, away.


5. Play with imagination

Kids live in a world of make believe. Even without elaborate toys, they can create an entire fictional universe for themselves. If you do want to make their experience a little more high-def, try getting them a costume. That way, they can pretend to be a superhero or a Disney character and get into imaginary adventures. Playsets are also great, because your kid can weave an entire story around the action that takes place with one. A tea party or doctor set sound like a lot of fun, don’t you think?


There’s no end to the fun kids can have indoors. All it requires is a little bit of thought and ingenuity. We hope you found these tips useful!