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Dear Dad

It is said that a father is a son's first hero, and a daughter's first love. A lifelong hero, teller of stories about great adventures, who makes us laugh and who always believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. He’s our guide in life, taking our hand and showing us the way, and is someone we can always look up to, no matter how tall we grow.


On Fathers’ Day, we get to celebrate Dads all over the world, although at Babyshop we think that he deserves more than a day, and encourage the pampering and loving gestures to last the whole month!


Father's Day, Babyshop


What to do to show him how much you love and appreciate him?  Don’t worry if you’re struggling to think of ideas, we’ve got you covered!  Everyone loves something personal, unique, and from the heart, so why not enlist Mum’s help to supply the needed materials or ingredients, and channel your creative powers to warm his heart.  Here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing:


  1. Desk decoration

To brighten up busy days at the (home) office, why not get a plain notepad and have them jazz it up with their most colourful designs?  Or try their hand at rock or shell art, to create a one-of-a-kind paperweight?


  1. Coupons for fun favours

Make up some coupons offering, for example, cuddle time, reading him a bedtime story, bringing him cups of coffee, and more, using their own designs. 


  1. Breakfast in bed

An oldie but goodie, make up a tray with his favourite breakfast and bring it up to Dad in bed, then sit with him while he enjoys it, to make the perfect start to his day.


  1. Memory book

This can be a project for the whole family, choosing photos and other mementos from family holidays and other happy times from every year since the kids were born, and compiling everything into a scrapbook.  He will love to browse through this whenever he needs an emotional pick-me-up. 


  1. Love-a-licious toppings

Get creative with homemade pizzas or manakish, decorating them with heart-shaped cheese, ‘Dad’ spelled out in pepperoni, or sprinkle zaatar to say ‘We Love Dad’.  He will surely love this tasty and loving treat.


  1. Personalised key ring tag

All you’ll need are some alphabet beads and other decorative beads, some leather string, and a split ring, and watch one of the thousands of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube for a step-by-step guide on how it’s done!  The children can string the beads on with words like ‘best dad’ and hey presto, a gift that’s both personal and practical!  You can always add AirTags for those dads that are always forgetting where they put their keys!


  1. Apron art

If dad considers himself the ‘King of the Grill’ then why not make him his very own personalized apron, painting or otherwise adorning a plain white apron with their very best designs?  Although on Fathers’ Day you might want to give him the day off from grilling of course, and cook him something delicious as a family.


  1. Day with Dad ticket

Why not have the kids take Dad on a Father's Day "date"? Ask them to consider what he would like best, such as a trip to the cinema to see Top Gun: Maverick, a sunrise or sunset picnic on the beach or a game of football in the local park.  Not only will this be a lovely surprise but is also something the whole family can enjoy together. 


  1. Dad Libs

A cute take on the ever-popular word game, you can find free templates to print out online, and then fill in the blanks with your best and funniest descriptors of dad and his various traits.  This can be made into a card, or a fun game to play together as a family. 


  1. Handprint art

Another homemade card idea that is fun to make and very personal is a design using handprints and fingerprints.  For example, a tree, made up of handprint branches and fingerprint leaves.  Plus, what child doesn’t love smothering their hands with paint?  Apologies in advance for the mess that is bound to ensue 


Happy Fathers' Day - Dubai, UAE


So whether you call him Baba, Papa, Padre, Tatay or Dad, we hope you will have fun making your very own superhero’s day extra special.  After all, his towering strength comes from being your father.  Check out our super cute video for an added dash of inspiration! 

Wishing all the amazing fathers out there a Happy Fathers’ Day, and we hope you will get to enjoy some precious family time with your little (and not so little) ones!