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Making shopping breezy & fun: Hi, My Baby Expert!

Making shopping breezy & fun: Hi, My Baby Expert!

The way we shop has changed so much over the years. There was a time when we used to long for options; ironically now when we have innumerable, we wish we had fewer. Especially when shopping for kids, the wider the range, the higher our anxiety levels.


Enter, My Baby Expert. No drumroll needed. The experts are as human as any of us, with invisible halos.

We are very proud to have started this personal shopper programme, tailored to meet the needs of parents and to-be parents.


Babyshop - Baby and Dad


How do you avail the My Baby Expert service?

It’s as easy as hearting a picture on Insta! Go to a Babyshop store most convenient to you and ask for an expert. That's it. Someone will be there to help you shop with zero worry.


Mama, it’s on us!

We're not kidding. You pay a big fat zero for this premium service. There IS such a thing as free lunch!


Why do you even need My Baby Expert?

Babyshop experts are our brand ambassadors. They are not salespeople. They’re here to guide you, and to provide you with necessary information that will help you decide what to buy/not to buy, but will never force you to make a purchase.

We believe that shopping should be stress-free. Our experts will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. They understand your needs and suggest options accordingly, putting themselves in your shoes even. Yes, they empathise.


How does My Baby Expert help expecting or new parents?

If you are soon-to-be parents, this will seem like unchartered territory. No matter how much research you do, when you see the millions of options at the store, you may get a bit overwhelmed. So many brands, different price points, exhaustive list of features; how does one decide?

When every task seems daunting, from picking diapers to putting together your dream nursery or finding the safest car seat, just relax and let our experts guide you. They will gauge your requirements & budget, and present highly curated options.


My Baby Expert is more than just a product description

Our experts not only help you in picking products, they can also give you some very useful tips on how to use them effectively.

What are the must-haves in a hospital bag? Baby having sleepless nights? Kid’s poor eating habits giving you heartburn? Or just wondering what to gift a newborn? Ask our expert!


You and baby are THE most important

When you interact with our experts, you are guaranteed their undivided attention. They suggest products as per your needs and emotions and don’t retrofit what they might have suggested to another parent.

 They are personable, trustworthy, friendly, knowledgeable, and believe us, they will bail you out of your shopping woes.


Babyshop’s aim is not to meet your expectations. We shoot for the stars, we yearn for your happiness, we covet your love. We believe in giving every child the best start of their lives.