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Ideal Baby Room Temperature for Newborns

One very important factor to consider when planning your newborn’s exciting first night at home is the temperature of their sleeping environment. Creating a safe sleep set-up for your baby not only promotes a good night’s sleep, it takes crucial steps to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 


So how do you even start? Always use the room temperature that your baby is sleeping in - not the temperature outside - as a guide. Keeping your baby’s room cool but comfortable is one way to maintain a safe sleep environment, and it is recommended that babies sleep in a temperature somewhere between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C).


Love To Dream


Bear in mind however, that in the UK the guidelines for safe sleep temperature are 16° to 20°C. This demonstrates the variability within guidelines, and so it is always useful to know the specific recommendations for where you are in the world. 


In warmer climates such as in the Middle East, it’s so important to consider a few additional factors. Firstly, you must think about the final temperature after the AC has been on for a while and the room has cooled. The amount that your AC is on each season will change. If you decide to use a fan, make sure to point it toward the ceiling and not directly onto your baby.


Also think about doors and windows - a room with many windows may have a slightly different temperature to the rest of the home, particularly at different times of the day. A room with older windows may have a breeze that hasn’t been taken into consideration. 


Our sleep consultant Julie Mallon adds: 

I would recommend using a digital thermometer to ascertain your baby’s normal temperature. We know that the normal temperature of a baby is 34.4°C, but we also know that this can vary slightly from baby to baby. We want to be aware of what your baby’s normal is - as we all differ.


Julie Mallon
Julie Mallon

I also recommend placing a thermometer inside the cot, as the temperature which is reached using AC may not be representative of the sleep environment at the level baby will be sleeping. By placing it within the cot it gives a much more accurate reading. 


So the room is sorted, but how do you dress your baby for bed? You may have seen the term TOG on baby items - but many people don’t actually know what it means. 


TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, and is used to calculate the insulation level of fabric. For example, the Love To Dream sleep garments are given a TOG rating according to the warmth they provide. The lower the TOG, the cooler the product. 

0.2 TOG items are LITE and are suitable for warmer climates, while 1.0 TOG items are standard thickness and are suitable for most moderate climates. 


Use the temperature chart below as a guide for which Love To Dream™ sleeping product to use based on TOG* rating, & what clothing to dress your baby in underneath. 


Baby temperature chart
Please note, this table is only to be used as a guide and the care-giver must determine what is suitable.

Once your baby is clothed and in their crib, if you still have concerns, you can always check their skin to see if they could be too warm or cold. Signs that your baby is too warm include flushing, sweating, or breathing heavily. It is recommended to gently touch the back of the neck or the belly instead of the hands or feet to gauge the temperature.