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5 Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

As a mom-to-be, you deal with a wide range of situations. Some are pleasant and some not so much. One of the more pleasant parts of pregnancy is the ability to eat. A lot. It’s your reward for putting up with the bad back, the morning sickness, the uncontrollable excitement and everything else. However, with that pleasure comes a responsibility for what exactly you’re putting into your body. You are eating for two after all.


With that in mind, we’re here to help. Here are some foods pregnant women should avoid to make sure their baby is happy and healthy.


5 Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy


1. Raw meat and fish


This one is simple and broad – if it’s not cooked properly, don’t eat it. Raw food, whether it’s meat, poultry or fish, is more likely to be contaminated with nasty and unpleasant bacterial infections like salmonella and E. Coli. Trust us, that’s one risk you don’t want to take when you’ve got another life relying on you.


2. Excessive caffeine 


This one might be a bit of a shock because a lot of us need a good coffee or 6 to get through a long work day. As a diuretic, caffeine helps to eliminate fluids from the body and this is bad for a pregnancy because it could lead to losses in calcium and water. Theoretically, a tiny bit of caffeine (under 200 mg per day) could still be ok but we believe that it’s always better safe than sorry so we’re putting it on the “just say no” list.


3. Fish with lots of mercury


Eating high levels mercury needs to be avoided as it can have a bad effect on a fetus, as well as be toxic to your kidneys, nervous system and immune system. This means no matter how much you love seafood, you need to avoid consuming fish such as tuna, swordfish, shark and mackerel. 


4. Processed meat


As easy as it is to slap together some deli meat with bread and make a sandwich, we strongly advise against it. The fact is that processed meat, or lunch meat as it’s often called, is highly susceptible to infection by various bacteria during the packing and storing process. These bacteria’s could lead to sickness, premature delivery or even miscarriage. Stay away ladies, stay far away.


5. Unpasteurized beverages


This one is simple. Pasteurization kills bacteria and toxins so it only makes sense to avoid drinking beverages that haven’t been pasteurized. This is especially applicable to raw milk and some juices, such as apple cider. To play it safe, make sure you check the label of anything you drink. If it’s unpasteurized, it’ll say so there.


The beauty of it all is that there are still so many amazing food and beverage options for you to explore. So don’t fret about the few things you shouldn’t have and indulge in everything you can have!