The best things in life are free best things in life are free...and priceless

Needless to say though, when you’re looking for ‘Best for Baby’, a small investment is often inevitable!  In all cases, Babyshop is your best bet, offering unbeatable value for money, in addition to only the finest products, which have all passed a stringent 4-stage quality test to make it onto the shelf.

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How to choose the right stroller for your baby?

Babyshop’s guide to the top ten strollers to take your little ones through the staycation season


School’s out, lockdown’s lifted, and families are busy planning getaways to some of the beautiful coastal, desert and city resorts we are so lucky to have in our region. 

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The First Steps of Motherhood - My Baby Expert is here to guide you at every step!

Babyshop - Baby Expert

As all Mums around the world can testify, the incredible joys of motherhood can often be sprinkled with feelings of anxiety, bewilderment, and the sense of being totally overwhelmed.  For first time mums-to-be, the seemingly endless list of items needed to fill the nursery, which bra to buy for breast-feeding, and how to choose the best car seat or

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Stay safe in your home! Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Child Proofing Your Home

Baby Monitor

The Importance of Child Safety at Home

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Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash

diaper rash

Diaper rash can be alarming to parents and very uncomfortable for babies, however it usually clears up with simple at-home or over the counter treatments.

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What will Eid look like during Covid-19


With the continuation of social distancing and safety measures during Covid-19 the upcoming Eid celebrations will look a little different this year.

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Organized Play for Kids at Home During COVID-19

creative play

Keeping kids occupied and engaged during the Covid-19 restrictions is challenging but with a little thought and some planning it is achievable.

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“Let Me Tell You What I’ve Learnt …”


Children tell us what they have learnt during Covid-19 and what they will remember for the future


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I am Worried my Baby Won’t Eat Solid Food

baby eating solid food

Doctors and nutrition experts recommend introducing solid food at six months although some parents are tempted to start weaning earlier.

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Signs My Baby is Teething

baby teething symptoms

Is my baby teething? When do babies teeth and what are baby teething symptoms and signs of teething

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