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6 essential tips for travelling with kids

Taking your cuties on long car journeys can be a challenging task, but we’ve put together some really useful tips to help you avoid the tears, the moans and the “how long will it take to reach, mom?” questions…




1. Prepare in advance

Make a list of all the things you’ll need throughout the journey and avoid any delays, by packing even the little odds and ends the night before. Snacks? Check. Beverages? Check. Tissues? Check. Jackets for when the AC is on? Check. Tissues? Check. Wet Wipes? Check.


2. Plan for the long haul

Keeping your kids entertained is not going to be easy, so make sure you have some stuff up your sleeve for when they get really bored and cranky, and we don’t just mean a device with which to see YouTube videos. Have an audiobook or two handy. Give them cameras (if you have a polaroid, even better) and allow them to take pictures as you drive. Once that palls, try word games like Last Letter, I Spy or 20 Questions. Your kids will appreciate having your undivided attention at this time, so it is a good idea to engage them in conversation.


3. Don’t let the mess bother you

Whether you like it or not, travelling with kids will involve some mess. Before stepping in, cover your seats with a sheet. You can let your kids have all the fun and once you reach the destination all you have to do is unhook the car seats, shake the sheet out and voila you have a clean car again! Stay calm over spills, turn a blind eye to things thrown around the backseat and always keep plastic bags handy for kids who get car sick!


4. Take breaks

Sitting still in a car for long stretches of time can be tedious for adults, so imagine the toll it will take on your little ones. Make sure you have stops planned for whenever they’re restless. Make sure they get out, stretch their legs or take bathroom breaks if needed. If you’re travelling along familiar routes, stops at familiar rest stations or wayside restaurants can be almost as much fun as getting to the destination itself.


5. Organise some fun

Over and above the word games mentioned earlier, you can plan activities for kids. Make paper bag puppets and give your kids crayons to decorate and create their own puppet avatar. You can also carry clay, board games, puzzles, activity books or alphabet games to keep your kids entertained. Just be sure your child is not the car sick type, as this can worsen with any activity that requires paying close attention to print.


6. Take safety precautions

Make sure the car seat is securely fitted and the rear child locks on the door are on. Also ensure your baby is using a car seat suitable to his or her weight.


These are our tried and tested tips for surviving those long car journeys. Try them out for yourself - bon voyage and good luck!