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How to make going back to school easier for your little one

Every time the holidays come to a close, parents of younger kids heave a sigh of relief. But before you can pack them off to school and settle back into a routine, there’s the whole frenzy of back to school preparation. We’re here to tell you that it’s all very simple and to demystify it for you.


School backpacks for boys and girls


1. Chat about school and what to expect

Each child has a different approach to school. Some kids love to go while others hate it. Reassure a reluctant child, hear them out and try to shift their focus towards the positive things. Mention things they may enjoy doing in school. Once school does start, try to get them to talk about their day. Also keep a close watch on their behaviour and if you see any significant changes (like a talkative child becoming suddenly quiet), remember that there could be an issue.


2. Correct your child’s sleeping pattern

Despite your best attempts, your child probably stayed up late at night and woke up close to noon during the holidays. A couple of weeks before school starts, try getting them to bed earlier and waking them up earlier. Also limit their TV and device time and bring back dinner time to a better hour. Expecting your child to adjust to school timings cold turkey is unreasonable, so while this does involve setting a more disciplined schedule for everyone including you, it is a better alternative to those weeping fits you’d have to deal with!


3. Make sure you have your school essentials sorted

If you don’t want to run about like a headless chicken on the last weekend of school, battling crowds doing their last-minute school shopping, sit down a few weeks in advance and draw up a list – it should of course include school stationery, school bags, lunch boxes and lunch bags. Before you do that, review your child’s belongings and see what needs to be cleaned, bought new or can be used as is. If you got a bag the previous year and it still happens to be in good condition, you don’t need to buy a new one. Keep enough stationery to last for a few months so you don’t have to keep repurchasing.


4. Plan interesting and easy snacks

Parents with picky eaters will know the importance of this. Research easy recipes involving healthy ingredients but minimum prep. Ask your little one for their opinion while staying firm on the need to eat healthy and finish their portions.


5. Help them be safe and independent

Your child will now be spending a significant chunk of their day away from you and your watchful eyes. Not talking to strangers – that’s the one we all know about. But it’s also important to ensure they know their parents’ phone number.


Show them that they must treat road traffic with caution, and stay seated while on school transport. In addition, emphasize on hygiene. Insist on washing hands before and after meals, visits to the bathroom and on coming home. Teach them to unpack and pack their belongings in a systematic manner both at school and at home. Instruct them to play safely while in school and to behave respectfully to people around them. Also make sure you talk to them about bullying and good touch/bad touch, which is important to know in today’s world.