Baby Talk

A Sleepy Baby Is A Happy Mum!

Introducing Love To Dream - swaddling with a difference.


Your body needs sleep in the same way that it requires air, food and water. This time is when the body rests and restores its chemical balance, storing away your precious memories and creating new thoughts. 

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What are you gifting the kids for Eid?

One day before Eid

You’ve given your little girl a beautiful new dress. Her face lights up when she sees it and gives you a tight hug.

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Top feeding brands you must know RIGHT NOW!

Remember how we gave you some ideas on how to make mealtimes simpler? You can read about them here.  

Now that you know how to keep the baby well-fed, we thought we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the best brands that Babyshop has to offer, to make breastfeeding easier, or to aid in feeding a newbornbaby, or toddler

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The A-Z of feeding: From breastfeeding to mealtimes with toddlers

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not wrong, just incomplete. Babyshop thinks that the way to your child’s heart is also through its stomach.


Don’t you agree? When the baby’s tummy is full, it is happy & energetic, and a hungry baby is nothing short of a monster! We’re kidding about the monster bit, but you have to agree that babies get cranky & restless, without even realising that it’s because they’re hungry.


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