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Why does Babyshop rank high on the trust scale?

You might know that the mobile phone was invented in 1973. But did you know what other monumental event took place in the same year? Babyshop was launched in Bahrain! We sure have come a long way from there, what with our expansion into several countries, hundreds of stores and brands, plus our foray into e-commerce.


And the most important aspect of it all, our prized Babyshop family. You are the ones who inspire us to do better every day, to understand your every requirement and fulfill it even before you realise you have the need for it.



We are honoured and humbled by the trust you show in us. The faith that you and your parents, or perhaps even grandparents, have showered upon us. We sometimes wonder what makes you trust us, so we turned to our precious family to understand this.


 If it’s not original, it’s not on Babyshop


Whether you’re shopping at one of our many offline stores, or on the mobile app, you can rest assured that the product you’re buying is 100% genuine. We are extremely stringent about authenticity, so we stock only absolutely original products.


World-renowned brands


We take great pride in the brands we work with. Our mutual respect and understanding result in a harmonious relationship, so we can bring you all the crowd favourites right here. Top-rated feeding brands (Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent, Dr. Brown’s), most wanted brands associated with safety (Joie, Graco), toys by the brands that every kid wants to own (Lego, Our Generation, LOL Surprise), and lots more.


Quality & value above all else


Babyshop - Testimonial


We do not settle for anything but the best, and we know neither will you. Hence, all our products are of the best quality, by the most respected brands. That doesn’t mean you have to mortgage the house to shop! Our products are reasonably priced, plus we do offer some great deals, so you can bring home what you love, without checking your bank balance.


Take our baby clothing for example. It is softer and lighter than clouds, making sure that their sensitive skin is able to breathe comfortably. Doesn’t hurt that the clothes are adorable too.


It warms our heart when you say that Babyshop products look the same, even after they have been used for years. Thank you, dear family!


Trust is a 2-way street


Babyshop Testimonial


Sometimes, for one reason or other, what you’ve bought doesn’t work when you take it home. Babyshop understands. And we also understand that by hoarding things we don’t like/need, we’re only choking the earth a little more.


To that end, we accept online/offline returns of products that you have bought, no questions asked. We trust that what you return has not been used or damaged in any way. When you tell us how easy our returns are, or that you appreciate the fact that products bought online can also be returned at any offline store, we feel so delighted that we’re able to make life a little easy for you.


We don’t take our promises lightly


When we say that your online order will reach you in a week, believe us it will. When we declare that your payment information is not saved in our database, be confident that it is not. When we say that our travel gear is extremely safe, count on it. We don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep.


Babyshop - User Review


Babyshop has been your trusted shopping companion for decades, and we hope it will continue to be your favourite for several more. If Babyshop were in school and you were our teacher, we would constantly aim to get an A+ in all our assignments!


Never stop showering us with your love and trust. They mean the world to us and empower us to keep working towards an even better experience for you.