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How to be pregnant, stylish & fabulous: courtesy Love Mum

You know how it is when celebrities get preggers; your Insta is bursting with paparazzi pictures of them looking super cool while they take their daily morning stroll, or hanging out at a restaurant in a chic dress, laughing with their BFFs. Every pregnant woman wants to look as put-together, but not everyone wants to invest in designer maternity wear that will be useless once the baby pops out.


Love Mum - Maternity Wears


The style dilemma

What options does that leave you with? Borrowing a couple of tees from the husband (if he is indeed larger than you at this point), buying maybe one or two pants in a bigger size (Caution: They might fit alright at the waist, but will probably be too big on the hips and legs. Result? Hideous!), and perhaps borrowing maternity clothes from a friend who doesn’t need them anymore (irrespective of whether you like her style or not). Sigh!



Wait, is this magic?

We, at Babyshop, feel your agony, and are here to rescue you. Presenting, Love Mum, our in-house maternity wear brand, with styles that are comfortable, stylish, for every occasion, easy on the wallet, and can be used even after the baby’s arrival. It is more than just a clothing brand, it is tailored for those nine months and beyond: Love Mum’s like your fairy godmother, tuned into your style needs, and gives you what your heart truly desires!

Now what makes Love Mum so special (apart from the obvious reasons we just gave you in the paragraph above)? One look at our fabulous bump-flattering-yet-comfortable trendy collection, and you’ll know what we mean. Here are our top five chartbusters:



1. Get the good genes (we mean jeans)

Our over-the-bump jeans are made of the softest cotton with elastane, to give you amazing stretch and a great fit. Plus, they're high-waisted to accommodate and provide support to that growing bump. And who says maternity = baggy? The slim leg and ankle grazer cut make sure that the jeans give you a sleek finish.


Maternity Leggings


2. Unlimited cosiness

On days when you don’t feel like wearing jeans, no matter how comfy, you should try getting into these maternity leggings. Unbelievably comfy, super stretchy, snug skinny fit (for added support), and talk about a high waist that slides right over the bump!



3. As LONG as you love it

Even if you’ve been a crop top girl all your life, your rapidly growing stomach might make you want to reach for a top that covers it. Voila! Our chic longline tops are just what you need, to team with your stylish maternity jeans or leggings.



4. It’s a wrap

Indulge in some wrap therapy, with our range of dresses, skirts, and blouses. Remember how we mentioned that Love Mum clothing can be worn even post-delivery? Our timeless wrap collection is a true example of that. The dresses, with their V neckline, provide a flattering silhouette for all body types, and can be dressed up or down with ease.



5. The skirt with many faces

If there ever was a skirt that could take you from day to night, casual to formal, even party, it is this one, right here! An elegant midi length with an elasticated high waist, you can wear it with a tank top, a tucked in shirt, a day blouse, a cosy sweater...basically anything. And shoes? From sneakers to boots, flats, espadrilles, everything works with this form-flattering beauty.


Turn heads everywhere

Whether you’re at work or a date, Love Mum will help you turn heads. And no, not because “you’re glowing” or because “you look so cute”, but because you will look genuinely stylish on the outside and supremely confident and relaxed on the inside. You will be able to nail the professional look with as much ease as you will rock the Sunday brunch outfit.

Go ahead and be fabulous. Now and forever. Only with Love Mum.