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Back To School 101: Babyshop’s 8 Tips For A Safe Transition

A new year at school means new friends, new teachers, new classrooms, new clothes and above all, new experiences. Now that the region is slowly coming out of lockdown and reverting to a ‘new normal’ post the pandemic, we’re sure you’re ready to send your kids off to school onsite, while some of you are concerned about safety and are choosing e-learning for your little ones.


At Babyshop, we understand how important it is for your children to make the most of their school years and how these experiences will help shape them into well-rounded individuals. We also understand the last-minute rush of preparing everything until D-day can be overwhelming, to make this experience easier and stress-free, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you can start employing well before school is in session as well some useful product recommendations for children of all ages. That way, both you and your kids will be well-prepared to the new academic year.

Babyshop back to school


  1. Choose the right backpack

Backpacks that don’t offer adequate support or are worn improperly may cause muscle strain, headaches and neck pain. Choose backpacks made from sturdy, lightweight material with padded straps that will support your child’s shoulders. Alternatively, if trolley bags are allowed in school, use them to lessen the weight on your child’s shoulders.


  1. Let your kids pick out items

We know kids love superheroes, and we've made it much easier to find cute character backpacks that your children will love. Whether they prefer Avengers, Batman, Spiderman or Hello Kitty, browse with them so they can help pick out the perfect backpack for school or day trips. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive lines - Ryan's World, Cocomelon, Love Diana, PAW Patrol and U.S. Polo. Check through the items you already have before deciding what to buy, give them a budget and help them stick to it. This encourages independent decision-making in children, making back-to-school shopping a fuss-free, calm experience.


  1. Establish a routine

Set wakeup and sleep times a few weeks before school begins to get your children’s body clocks back on track to school hours. Prepare a list of chores and tasks that will keep them busy throughout the day and tire them out to fall asleep on time. Whether these are simple tasks like putting away grocery or engaging their minds with study sessions, a proper routine goes a long way in preparing for busy school days.


  1. Set rules that encourage productivity

Whether it’s designated study hours, reading a book, playing sports or figuring out how much screen time is allowed during school days, plan the smallest things well ahead of time and help your children stick to the rules. Ensure that they prioritize their assignments and are given enough screen time as a reward. Help them set goals for the academic year and work with them to ensure their goals are real and achievable.


  1. Talk to your kids about their expectations

If your child is starting pre-school or is moving to a new school, they might be a little nervous. Encourage open conversation and ask them to talk about their feelings and any fears they may have. Reassure them that they have your support and that they can always ask you for help.


  1. Contact the school about child well-being

Since schools are opening up to start in-class learning for the upcoming academic year, it may be helpful to have a word with teachers and management about safety protocols and what to expect when returning to school to manage your child’s expectations. Talk to teachers about potential problems your child may face in class and how these can be addressed.



  1. Stock up on essentials

From stationery to lunchboxes, electronics to bottles and safety essentials, make sure you have everything your child needs to navigate his experience seamlessly when in school. Prepare their school bags with sanitisers and masks and teach them healthy habits so they are safe from infection.


  1. Celebrate the start of a new school year

Make the experience of going back to school positive with a small party at home to encourage your kids and help tackle any nervousness they may feel about attending school after the long holiday.


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