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“Let Me Tell You What I’ve Learnt …”

Amongst the fear, uncertainty and disruption in our world today, and the stalling of our daily lives during Covid-19, we remain hopeful for our future. But, not the kind of hope that all will be back to normal in the blink of an eye.



It is a greater hope – the hope for a safer world and a better future - a hope above all, that lessons have been learnt from this great shut-down of our planet; lessons which have revealed to us true beauty and the path to a world we deserve.


Our children; the future custodians of our fragile planet, have been watching during this time of anxiety and change; and with great beauty, gentleness and truth, they tell us what they have learned.


They tell us that the true heroes of this world do not wear capes but are the doctors and nurses who have risked their own lives to save the lives of others;


That they are the people who have worked on the streets and kept our communities safe whilst we stayed at home.


They see how countries stopped fighting and began to help each other;


How people sent messages of hope and gratitude to each other, and how we began to truly appreciate one another.


They tell us that they will remember how they learnt new ways to have fun; playing with their brothers and sisters at home; how Mom and Dad became everything - their teachers and their world of security, comfort and example.


They have learnt how small our world really is; how what hurts one person can hurt everyone and that we must all look after each other.


They learnt that even when you feel alone in this world, you never really are.


They watched us take better care of the elderly and vulnerable; how we looked after our families who were far away; how we kept in touch and stayed close to them.


They will remember their teachers showing them that learning never truly stops and appreciate how hard their teachers worked to help them learn from home.


Our children saw us opening our homes to those who could not go home; they learnt kindness and acceptance; they tell us they have learnt that we can give more than we have got and that it’s good.


They say they will remember funny things like how we cut each other’s hair and how important it is to learn the medicine of joy and laughter in difficult times.


When we get through this time, and we will, let us remember what helped us through it and much like the incredible children we spoke to, remember the lessons we have learnt. If we try and look at the world through our children’s eyes – what do you think they see? We must ask them, so that we can learn more about the example we’re setting for them and create #AWorldWeDeserve for our children and our future.


With special thanks to

Aayrah, 7                  Abdullah, 8                           Vishank, 7                             Isra, 6

Danielle, 6                Aydin, 4